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Villa Dark Horse aims to move, surprise and amuse her audience, first of all with her own works: texts, sound, images. In 2014 the Villa expanded her activities into the field of theatre and music. If you would like to contribute to the Villa's aims, or if you want to book a performance, please contact

About the Villa

The Villa is a stately home built around 1900. The ground floor has a public character. Here are situated the Living Room which can house exhibitions and performances, the office of the Ministry of Silly E-mailS (MOSES), the Art Collection, the Music Room and the Kitchen with the sexy Catherine... On the First Floor you will find more quiet spaces like the rooms of Love, Life and Grief and the Meditation Room. If you take the trouble to climb the stairs to the Attic you will enter into the realm of childhood and other past times.

There is a small garden with a letterbox in front of the house; the pump and the loo are in the backyard. In the larger garden behind the house, with the Vegetable Garden and the Orchard, the Fire-Bellied Toad calls in the Pond. In the Studio next to it you can order poetry cards, booklets and everything the Villa is going to produce. Behind the garden the vast Wilderness stretches out to the foot of the Mountains.

About the residents

The Villa”s works are quite diverse and mirror the characters of her residents: the melancholic, boozy Seamus McAllister, half Irish, half Scottish, (Head of the Subdivision of the Territories Outside the Dikes, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Silly E-mailS), Ms M, research scientist with a great sense of romance (Correspondent of the National Sillygraphic Society; Clerk Second Class, Subdivision of Territories Outside the Dikes, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Silly E-mailS), and her Mysterious Muse; the young frisky Dark Horse and her bosom friend the oh so very cautious Dormouse; the Rat (MOSES” IT-specialist), sensible and sensitive; Slimey &Co. (private detectives), cunning opportunists, and of course last but not least the shapely Catherine, who, singing sentimental songs all day, governs the household with a firm hand.

See for all the top secret personnel files the Office of the Ministry of Silly E-mailS.


For the most part the Villa”s poetry is easy to comprehend and recognisable. It sometimes wanders off to mystic or religious realms and in many of the texts nature plays an important role. Ms. M. picks the poems from an extrordinary tree she brought back from a trip to the United States: the Mussaenda Frondosa Poetica. She puts the texts in the right rooms, or hangs them somewhere outside, so you can find poems everywhere in the Villa and around it.

Philosophical essays with a large dose of humour will in due course fill the library. There you will also find the Wildlife Reports of the National Sillygraphic Society, carefully composed and given a firm scientific basis by Ms. M. They reveal a wide range of news about exotic plants and animals. In the Library you can also read the Official Announcements of the Ministry of Silly E-mails, in which Seamus, "spiritually" inspired describes the ups and downs of life in the Villa.


 The stories of Dark Horse and Dormouse are to be found at the stable.


The website of the Villa is available in English and Dutch. You can change the language through the flags at the bottom left of every page. Most of the texts in the Villa were originally written in Dutch. However, the tales and poems about Dark Horse and Dormouse were originally written in English, because Dormouse is of British origin. Also poems inspired by the Mysterious Mute Muse were mostly written in English at first and translated.

Translating was an interesting creative process which sometimes influenced the original texts. Now and then the translation was even better than the original.