Newsflash Summer 2021

Newsflash Villa Dark Horse Summer 2021
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Last month Ms M stayed at the hay barn of the Wilmsboo in the south of Drenthe. A boo is a cowshed with a small living space for the cowherd: the boo lord. He herded the cows for the rich farmers, in this case in Schoonebeek, and lived at the boo for most of the year. There Ms M realised again that happiness comes without calling for... She took it with her to the Meditation room...

The Wilmsboo is situated in a stretch of borderland, separated from Germany by the Schoonebeker Diep or Grenzaa. There Ms M had a special encounter. She tells you all about it at the Pond.


One of the most beautiful times of the day is dusk. This is the moment that at the Wilmsboo the bats appear with their high-speed foraging flights. You can see them from the Veranda with in the background the song of the marsh warbler, who can sing all night long.
And finally: spring came and went, the longest day has already passed and also the Covid-19 epidemic - from which everyone in the Villa was luckily spared - will subside. Enough reason to take some of spring's and summer's beauty into the house and into the spaces outside. Make a tour along the Kitchen, the Art Collection, the Backyard and the Sun Room at the ground floor. Look at the first floor in the Bathroom, the Rooms of LoveLife and Grief and the Meditation Room. And take a hike outside the Villa, along the Orchard, the Vegetable Garden and the Pond. Enjoy, stay healty and stay safe!