Welcome to Villa Dark Horse, a house filled with poetry, art and nonsense. Through the Floor Plan you can navigate to all the different spaces, enjoy poems, stories, images and sounds and meet the residents. On the Ground Floor you can visit the Living Room, Music Room, Art Collection and Library. Also the Ministry of Silly E-mails is situated here. On the First Floor are the rooms of Love, Life and Grief and you can find peace of mind in the Meditation Room. Stories and poems about Dark Horse and her bosom friend Dormouse can be found in the Stable, but also outside, in the wilderness and the garden all kinds of things can be discovered.

Admission to Villa Dark Horse is free. Its contents may be used for non-commercial purposes. See Copyright for details.

Villa Dark Horse produces handbound booklets with poetry and images. She also gives perfomances. If you are interested please contact info@villadarkhorse.com.